The Walk will be held at Tropical Park in Miami, Florida, on Sunday, September 30, 2018. Thousands of walkers will enjoy a day of outdoors to support the efforts to rescue and give new life to chimpanzees and orangutans. The event will kick off at 7:00 am with DJ music, a complimentary breakfast and practitioner-assisted stretching. At 8 am walkers will enter the race track for an instructor lead warm up with high energy music as they wait for the sound of the starting bell. Walkers can also enjoy family interactive exhibits such as Become a Primatologist, Paint Like An Ape, Walk Like an Ape, and Dance Like an Ape. They can also walk over to the Under the Sun Art & Music Festival happening simultaneously at the park for a full day outing of fun.

About the 5k Walk

Thank You Letter from Center

"Our mission is to provide a permanent sanctuary for orangutans and chimpanzees who have been rescued or retired from the entertainment industry, from research, or who are no longer wanted as pets. The Center provides care with dignity in a safe, healthy and enriching enviroment for great apes in need of lifetime care," - Founder/Director, Patti Ragan