Q: Why should I care about 50 apes in central Florida?

A: Many of these 50 apes were rescued from deplorable living situations. These apes were used in Hollywood to entertain us all in movies, commercials, TV shows, and print ads. After Hollywood made money on these animals they were dispersed into circuses, unaccredited road zoos and to brokers to sell to breed. Other apes are used in biomedical research and face multiple painful, invasive procedures to make sure products and medications for human consumption are safe and approved to be sold to humans. These apes never asked to be put in these situations, it was humanity that made that choice.

Q: Why should I help the Center for Great Apes?

A: The Center for Great Apes is a non-profit organization that depends on donations to survive. Currently, there are 50 ape residents at the Center, but Patti Regan, the director, is planning to accommodate more apes which will require expanding the sanctuary. Part of the construction will also incorporate an education center and community outreach programs. These programs will increase conservation awareness and the plight that these apes face every day.

Q:  How can I help?
A:  There are many ways to help! The following are ways that will ensure a direct contribution to the Center for Great Apes:

  •  Be a sponsor of the Walk for the Apes

  • Participate in the 5K Walk for the Apes​

  • Buy an official Walk for the Apes poster

  • Volunteer at the Walk for the Apes

  • Get others to join the Walk

  • Make a donation to the Center

Q:  When and where is the Walk?
A:  The Walk for the Apes will take place on Sunday, September 30th, 2018 at Tropical Park in South, Miami - just south of Coral Gables.

Q:   Is the Walk wheelchair accessible?
A:  Yes

Q:  How much do I have to pay to participate?
A:  Walkers pay $39

Official Walk for the Apes Poster: $14
Please contact us for sponsorship opportunities. Sponsorship varies, please call.

Q:  Does the event offer anything for non-walkers?
A:  There are plenty of activities to choose from at the event, including:

  • Food trucks

  • Giveaways

  • Educational presentations by the Center for Great Apes staff and volunteers

  • Interactive exhibits

  • And much more

Q:  Do you allow strollers on the Walk?
A:  No

Q:  What do I need to bring (wear)?
A:  Comfortable clothing that you would use for a workout, comfortable walking shoes, check the weather report and prepare accordingly. Bring ID to check-in.

Q:  How long does it take to walk a 5k?
A:  The time it takes depends on personal fitness level and experience. 5K (Kilometers) is the equivalent of 3.1 miles and at typical walking pace, a person can walk it in between 45 min to 60 min.

Q:  Can I bring my pet?
A:  Pets are NOT allowed in the event area at any time.

Q:  What time should I arrive at the event?
A:  Check-in for the walkers start at 7 AM. There will be a warm-up session beginning at 8 AM. The walk will start at 9 AM. 

Q:  What happens if it rains or there is severe weather?
A:  The walk will take place rain or shine. 

Q:  Can I get a refund?
A:   No transfers or refunds are available.